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"Whoever touches the child touches the most sensitive point of a whole which has roots in the most distant past and climbs toward the infinite future. Whoever touches the child touches the vital and delicate point where all can be renewed, where all is pulsating with life, where the secrets of the soul lay hidden. To work consciously for the child and to go deep down, with the tremendous intention of understanding him, would be to conquer the secrets of mankind, just as so many secrets of nature have been conquered in the world around us. The activity of the child has always been looked upon as an expression of his vitality. But his activity is really the work performed in building up the man he is to become. It is the incarnation of the human spirit." - Dr. Maria Montessori

2007 marks IvyCrest Montessori´s 37th year of providing quality Montessori education in a loving and nurturing environment. It is my great pride and honor to be the living instrument in serving a new generation of children, parents and staff. My twenty years of teaching experience in the Montessori classroom have opened my heart and spirit to the real meaning of being a teacher. I believe deeply in the value of teachers´ work. I commend their dedication, commitment and love for children.

At IvyCrest Montessori, the teachers´ role is multi-faceted: educator, performer, interior designer, parent advocate and leader. Our teachers grow in parallel with the children, as they help them develop in harmony with life. Above all, our teachers experience the joy and fulfillment from within and from working for a better world through our future leaders. Being a Montessori teacher is the noblest profession with the highest intrinsic rewards. IvyCrest Montessori teachers are the pride and the soul of the school. It is my privilege to inspire them, support them and lead them to continue implementing the principles and philosophies of Dr. Montessori.

As our children move from infancy through adolescence, it is a joy to see each classroom, each one a miniature community, where interdependence exists and the values of respect, harmony and love have the opportunity to blossom and grow. Montessori learning is an exciting discovery leading to love of order, concentration, obedience, discipline, motivation and joy. At IvyCrest, the children benefit from our classroom didactic materials that are stimulating, challenging, complete, functional, beautiful, clean and sequentially arranged. It is highly rewarding to see each child working simultaneously in the classroom, each expressing his or her own interests, abilities and readiness.

Join IvyCrest in celebrating the "Century of the Child." In a spirit of love and peace IvyCrest will continue to embrace the increasingly difficult challenges of this modern world by meeting the individual needs of every child with compassion, respect and dignity. It is our hope that our Montessori children will realize the role that each of them must play as they grow, to be caring, responsible human beings with the highest level of respect for themselves, others and the environment.


Ms. Aida King
School Director




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