Pre-Primary Program (2-3 years)

Toddlers change everyday and are amazingly fast learners. At IvyCrest, we are proud to offer a carefully designed, age appropriate program that provides both freedoms and opportunities for the children to explore and discover as they work with a wide variety of Montessori materials and educational toys in an environment that is spacious, colorful, and stimulating.


The following areas of learning in the Montessori environment are designed to satisfy the needs of a young childīs sensitive period of order, independence, concentration, coordination, and exploration n the course of a normal day.

Practical Life: 

These exercises are simple but critical to toddler development. Children learn about caring for themselves and their environment, and explore the simple concepts of grace and courtesy through exercises such as spooning, pouring, sorting, dressing, sweeping, hand washing, greeting, basic manners and table setting.


Toddlers learn about the world around them through active use of all the senses. Sensorial and manipulative activities include bead stringing, puzzles, and matching by shape, size, color and texture. These exercises are tremendously attractive to a toddler and create the opportunities for learning that are essential to their development. 


New words are introduced to toddlers on a continuing basis to grow and develop their vocabulary by engaging them in activities.

Story Time:

Reading together is a pleasurable time, and a variety of books, flannel boards, stories and puppetry are utilized for this activity.


Children enjoy gathering together to learn new songs, sing old favorites, and play age appropriate instruments, music games, perform finger plays and use colorful puppets. An assortment of flash cards is also utilized within the music program to build on the childrenīs language foundation.


The stimulating environment in which the children grow and learn includes interesting, simple art activities such as pasting, paper tearing, painting, play dough and more.


Playing together and learning to share are just a few of the activities that prepare the children for important facets of life, but it sometimes takes children considerable time to do these things successfully. In our Pre-Primary classrooms, each teacher and assistant is available to assist the children through these critical social development processes in a variety of ways. For example, children are encouraged to share with others during "circle time." Adequate time is allowed, ensuring each child the opportunity to share, making this a satisfying and positive experience for the children.


When a child is ready, he is introduced to simple math activities such as rote counting, and identifying numerals from 1 to 10.

Outdoor Activities:

Fresh air activities are encouraged and include ride-on toys, play equipment and organized games. Our staff carefully supervise the children at all times, providing guidance, conflict resolution, and interaction.


When your child is ready to move up to the primary learning and activities, he will be allowed a transition period from their toddler environment. It is our goal to ensure they feel as comfortable and confident as possible in their new environment. Parents and guardians are informed in advance in writing as to when transitioning will take place.

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