Toddler/Pre-Primary Academics

"The development of the child during the first three years after birth is unequaled by intensity and importance by any other period that precedes or follows in the whole life of the child. If we consider the transformations, adaptations, achievements, and conquest of the environment during the first period of life from zero to three years, it is functionally a longer period than all the following periods."

Dr. Maria Montessori

Toddler/Pre-Primary Program (ages 18 months to 3 years)

Maria Montessori states that "education starts at birth." Our toddler environment is the beginning of a life long education for your child. We provide a loving, healthy and safe environment that is enriched and designed to meet your child's growing and changing mental, motor, social and emotional needs. We will work together in order to provide a supportive environment which meets each child’s individual needs while establishing a good working relationship between the parents and the staff. 

Our carefully prepared environments have developmentally appropriate material and activities that support the child through each stage of growth. Montessori materials are of various textures, colors, and sizes to enhance their learning experience. Because we “follow the child,” we provide a variety of environments where toddlers can explore based upon her curiosity and mobility, not just her age.  When the weather is appropriate, toddlers are taken outside for fresh air and to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

IvyCrest teachers monitor your child’s schedule, accomplishments, tendencies and/or concerns which are then communicated to parents on a daily basis. We firmly believe in the need for open and thorough communication between the school, classroom teachers, and the home.