What Parents Are Saying About IvyCrest!

"My son has been enrolled at IvyCrest for over a year now and I have nothing but positive feelings towards the school, staff and the education my son has received. Just finishing preschool, he can read, write, do basic addition and has a strong concept of phonics and numbers. He loves his school, his friends and his teachers (yes - plural because there are at least 3 in his class - how great is that). I love that this school stresses the importance of manners, behavior and respect. My son has grown in confidence and truly loves going to school. We are choosing to keep him here for future years because, even though it is an expense, the results are completely worth it."

"This is probably the best private school in town! The education your child will receive - and service is excellent. The staff is calm and happy and have been there for many years, which means that happiness trickles down to those kiddos. The students are challenged, but not stressed. They learn to care for others, appreciate their surroundings, and are reminded to be thankful. The teachers are very well trained and certified. The kids here are limitless and some really are excelling; and not just one grade ahead, but even beyond this, all without being forced, but positively challenged in a fun and loving way. Bravo!"

"I attended this Montessori when I was a child. My three month old son now goes here. The staff remembers me from when I attended & even remembered the year I left! The teachers are absolutely incredible! They always made me feel so loved and nurtured. The teachers and administrators are so easy to talk to. Montessori creates a limitless sky for our children to grow intellectually. I remember how well I was taken care of, loved and nurtured. My heart is content and full of joy to know my son has the opportunity to be apart of the Montessori family. I know he is so well taken care of. The activities that my son is already being exposed to are unreal. Every time I pick up or drop of my son the teachers are always doing activities with all the kiddos either singing, dancing, being taught or read to in small groups so our children get the best shot at their education before they turn one year old!"

"The education our kids have received at IvyCrest Montessori has been phenomenal! They are working beyond their grade level. The academic foundation they received at IvyCrest has helped them tremendously in all subject areas. During our time at IvyCrest, we have been impressed with the Montessori Method. We have very much appreciated the individualized instruction our kids have received. The teachers that have taught our kids have been nurturing, attentive, respectful, and professional. Overall, the Montessori experience at IvyCrest has been a valuable asset to our kids' education."