About Us

IvyCrest Montessori Private School is unlike any school you will have ever visited before. It’s a magical place where children are treated as individuals, they are respected, and they are cherished. You will see why we were voted the number one Montessori school in Orange County the moment you walk in our doors. 

At IvyCrest, we understand that every child is unique. Therefore, we embody the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, an educational visionary, who believed that we should “follow the child” and understand each child’s abilities and interests, and customize a curriculum to their specific needs. By adopting this methodology, we see that children are no longer bored or frustrated, but rather the opposite. They are engaged, inspired, and develop an intrinsic love of learning that lasts a lifetime. 

We pride ourselves as an authentic Montessori school. All our lead teachers have completed their Montessori training at accredited training centers. Our classrooms are fully equipped with not only traditional Montessori materials, but also new, cutting edge equipment that helps reinforce concepts. When children walk into our classrooms, they can’t help but gravitate to the endless shelves of materials begging to be used. 

Please follow-up your visit to our website with a personal tour of the Fullerton or Yorba Linda campus. Here, you can observe a Montessori classroom in session and have your enrollment questions answered by the school's visionary leadership. The excellence you'll find in IvyCrest is the result of the strong support and trust of our parents, and the dedication, training, and commitment of our teachers.

We look forward to sharing in your child's success.