Photo of Ms. Aida King

Ms. Aida King

Infant, Toddler, Pre-Primary & Academic Director

After almost four decades of being a Montessori Educator, Aida King, more than ever, continues to believe and embrace the method and it’s philosophies. After completing her BA in Education in the Philippines, Ms. Aida took her 2-year Montessori Elementary training courses for both the lower and upper elementary levels. Being a newly Montessori-trained teacher, she believed that her training experience led her to a magical transformation of educational approach and values in teaching the children. More than anything else, Ms. Aida strongly believes that the art and science in presenting the beautiful Montessori materials with children must be accompanied with patience and love. Knowing the children’s individual needs, levels, interests and pacing has always been her basic foundation in teaching. 

After completing her Primary Montessori credential, and with 13 years of classroom teaching and administrative experience in the Philippines and in California, Ms. Aida joined IvyCrest in 1995. Here, Ms. Aida finally found her home. Together with Ms Holly, they expanded IvyCrest to include an authentic Montessori elementary program. Thanks to her knowledge and vision, IvyCrest’s elementary program is renowned for having the most complete Montessori materials and cosmic curriculum, paving the way for all IvyCrest children to excel academically. 

As a proud mother, she will be forever grateful, her two daughters completed their Montessori education from infancy thru 6th grade, here at IvyCrest. 

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