Photo of Ms. Lynda Momongan

Ms. Lynda Momongan

CFO & Director of HR & Operations

Ms. Lynda was born and raised in the Philippines. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration and  majored in Accounting.  After graduating, she took her CPA board exam and worked in the Philippines for five years before moving to Hongkong at the age of 25. In 2000, Ms. Lynda moved to California and began her career at  IvyCrest.  Coming from a corporate world, working at IvyCrest made her rediscover herself.  Walking into the school, seeing the happy, smiling faces of the children and the nurturing nature of the teachers, made her realize a deeper passion for what she does.  IvyCrest became her second home.  Ms. Lynda is grateful to be a part of IvyCrest, witnessing how it has grown before her eyes. All of Ms. Lynda’s children attended IvyCrest, which, to this day, she considers to be the greatest gift she has ever given them!  Coming from a very close-knit family, the legacy, tradition and values that Ms. Lynda’s mom instilled in them continues up to this day.  Ms. Lynda spends every Friday night with her family and extended family, including siblings, nieces, and nephews. 

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