School of the Arts Course Catalog

From the perspective that all children should have a well-rounded exposure to the arts and athletics as well as academics, IvyCrest Montessori School is proud of our programs that introduce the children to a variety of unique courses taught by experts in their respective fields. Our instructors are especially skilled at motivating and building confidence in their students. We are certain you will see a transformation both academically and creatively as your child is exposed to the arts on a continual basis.

Introduction To Art: Meet The Masters!

The Meet the Masters experience begins with a multi-media (slides, artist voices, music etc.) assembly where children learn about the fascinating lives and famous works of Master Artists. Interactive questions and multi-media content will hold students´ interest while walking through a virtual museum filled with interesting stories and facts. The students will observe wonderful pieces of art and explore beginning techniques of art expression as they learn the history and foundations of art.

Introduction To Dance: From Ballet To Hip-Hop!

Students in this course will explore a dynamic journey, spanning the rich traditions of ballet to the vibrant rhythms of hip-hop. Through discovering the joy of movement, building confidence, and finding their unique rhythm, students will learn about the origins of these dances, studying distinct body movements. To showcase their knowledge and skills, students will perform group-choreographed combinations.

Introduction To Music: Meet The Composers!

Children will explore the different forms of music by listening to various artists as well as experimenting with musical instruments. The students will be studying the history of music and the different periods, from baroque to contemporary. As they get acquainted with the lives of famous composers, they will understand the foundations of music. The course will also develop basic skills in rhythm, ear training, pitch intonation, and sight reading. There will be slide presentations, interactive audio programs, worksheets, as well as an assortment of games and exercises to elicit creativity within each child´s musical ear.

Intro To Theatre: Storytelling & Discovery!

This course will offer your child the opportunity to discover acting and the art of storytelling in a group setting. We will participate in new skills including: voice support and diction exercise, pantomime, improvisation, exploring different types of movement, and gaining confidence when speaking and performing in front of a group. Students in the class will have the opportunity to work in both individual and group settings and use the skills they have learned in our performances.

Introduction To Sports: Skills & Teamwork!

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive exploration of various sports. Each class is a new adventure, and every child is encouraged to unleash their full potential. Through engaging in collaborative activities that emphasize teamwork, communication, and leadership, students will develop essential life skills that extend beyond the playing field. The purpose of the classes is not just to enhance athletic abilities but also to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Current Class Offerings